JL- CNC-3726 Automatic Multifunction Glass Cutting Machine
JL- CNC-3726 Automatic Multifunction Glass Cutting Machine
JL- CNC-3726 Automatic Multifunction Glass Cutting Machine
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Mechanical and Electric parts:




Density board





Servo Motor




Cutting Wheel




laser sensor


Proportional solenoid valve


Technical Parameters

Equipment dimensions


Equipment weight


Max Glass size




Glass Thickness


Oil supply method

Pneumatic automatic oil filling

Cutting Speed


Power supply


Straight line parallelism


Equipment power


Diagonal accuracy


Compressed air


Loading Arm


Cutting Holder

The cutter head can be rotated 360°
(can accurately cut any straight line and various shaped glass)

Equipment performance
①The equipment is analyzed by professional structural software to ensure the stability of the machine, the dynamic balance, the strength of the mechanics to achieve the perfect match, and to ensure that the structure of the equipment is not deformed.
②The Japanese SMC proportional solenoid valve is used to automatically adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the glass. The cutter head rotates 360 degrees, and the lower knife cushions and cuts. The knife box adopts the patented product of the company (invention patent number: 201120295693.3)
③The automatic edge finding system eliminates the need for edge marking and greatly increases the glass cutting rate.
④The oil circuit is equipped with an air filter device to ensure the clean use of the cutting oil, and the oil is automatically injected during cutting.
The main performance of motion Controller (Galil)
-Running fast, smooth operation, high precision control, the controller modular structure.
- Line cutting mode, optical positioning cutting mode, cutting mode directly by the option set free. Process can readily achieve automatic cutting mode with the dry run mode.
-After a full glass pressure store, disposable cutting thickness specifications of the input pressure to save, you can directly used.
-Machining path display real-time tracking and timely recording moving coordinate axis status, I / 0 status, fault diagnosis and alarm automatically record.
-Receive a variety of processing documents, accept standard G code Optima and other nesting software, AUTOCAD DXF file, the system comes with graphics editing software(Exactly the same way with Bottero editor).
-Security can be set under the knife away. Editing files can not trimming, improve the utilization of glass.
-Gallery nesting program, selected from the gallery shaped, set the relevant parameters, the number of processing, automatic nesting, generate toolpaths.
-Compensation: Tool eccentricity compensation, backlash compensation, pitch compensation.
-Optical positioning function (accurately determine the actual position of the glass), according to the actual position and the deflection angle, automatic adjustment of the cutting.
-Can be realized by setting options in English interface switching, and imperial, metric programming. Easy to use foreign users.
-Various protection: Includes soft and hard limit, blade pressure limit, external emergency stop control, etc.
-Speed increase / decrease buttons timely optimize machine cutting speed.
-Man-machine interface is simple and elegant, simple parameter adjustment, less need for the operator to modify the parameters, simple and intuitive, requiring low operating personnel.
-Find edge speed, back to zero faster.
-Cutting speed: 160m / min.
-Has a relatively rich graphics library, you can expand the gallery.
-Shaped scanning high precision, simple graphics can be saved directly processed.
-Cutting interface displayed directly cut a small piece size (with the OPTIMA software).
-Opened directly from within the software optimization software.
-Under the pipeline mode automatically wrap view of optimization software program, continuous processing.
-Fast patrol side positioning feature, you can grab a one-time patrol edge signal, improve work efficiency.
-The main performance of  optimization software
-Optimization results can be imported in the office to do;
-Cutting programs can be created and edited manually.
-With a copy and move functions.
-You can manually edit the cutting sequence.
-XYZ mode can be used to quickly create cutting plan.
-Can be a variety of original pieces and small pieces while optimizing.
-Optimized layout no size limit.
-Optimization results rotate, mirror management.
-Cutting a small piece of the priority management to optimize.
-Priority management optimization original film.
-Original film library management.
-20 kinds of efficient optimization algorithms.
-Graphics can be edited on the cutting.
-Label design and label printing (Label-WAY).
-Optimization results clearly printed report.
-Excel data file import.
-Low-E and laminated glass cutting management.
-Graphics library containing 350 parametric graphic, including all common graphic types (Geo-Way).
-Two-dimensional CAD system with profiled scan processing functions (Cad-Way).
-The digital signal is automatically converted to a numerical control system from the graphical point forming.
-Software interface has a choice of languages, including Chinese interface selectable.
-Tracking the latest international software development, providing real-time upgrade version, for customers to achieve the latest functional requirements.
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